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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


They say you 'glow' when you're pregnant... I think I glow green.
They say it's a wonderful time in a woman's life.... if you overlook the months spent laying on the couch, trying not to throw up - I agree.
They say to eat crackers... ooooh!!! That's what I have been missing for 5 pregnancy's - so glad you told me to eat crackers!!! (what is up with crackers????)
Ginger doesn't help.
Mint doesn't help.
Water doesn't help.
Red Raspberry Leaf tea doesn't help.
Sniffing alcohol pads doesn't help. (might help me pass out - at least then I wouldn't feel the nausea for awhile.)
Eating beans doesn't help.
Vitamin B-whatever doesn't help.
Good diet doesn't help.
Phenergen doesn't help.
Zofran doesn't help. (do me a favor and never try that stuff.)
Doxylamine doesn't help. Not very good, anyways.
And yes, I've tried all these. It's amazing what you will do to be free from constant sick-on-the-stomach feeling.

What does work: (for me)
Plenty of rest - kinda helps.
Doxylamine sorta helped for awhile. Paired with B-6. After about 3 days, it lost it's power.
Ginger tea sorta helped for 2 days - now I can't smell it without fighting down a powerful urge to upchuck.
Coke. Cold, fizzy coke. I don't know what it is about carbonated drinks, but they have been my tried and true standby for every pregnancy. Don't judge. If you have ever had motion-sickness for 4 months straight, you would grab any chance of relief too. First pregnancy I drank ginger ale. After throwing up a few too many times, I can't drink it at all now. In subsequent pregnancies I have went through 7-Up, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Coke. Sprite and Coke are the best right now.

Please don't misunderstand me - I am very thankful for the privilege of carrying a precious gift from God. It's an amazing miracle, and I marvel every time I think about it. I love babies, I love carrying babies, and I am ever so grateful I have the privilege of being a mother. Next after being a wife - it's the best thing I have ever experienced. Just not the small detail of 'morning sickness'. :)

So if I don't blog much these days - it's because I haven't been doing much of anything. Seriously. But this week has been a bit better - hopefully it's the beginning of the end. 

To all my pregnant friends - I feel for you, and I know crackers don't help. ;)

Update: I found that B-6, if taken regularly does indeed keep the nausea at bay for me. I have taken Unisom with it at bedtime sometimes when I really need to sleep. ( I get horrible restless legs!!) But I think the B-6 is the key. I am feeling alot better these days!