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Sunday, May 12, 2013

                                      Happy Mother's Day!

I was reminiscing today about some things that I am glad my mother did for me. You know - as a young mom, I wonder sometimes if I am doing the 'right' things. That made me reflect on the way my mother did it. She often tells me that she made so many mistakes. But the older I get, the fewer mistakes I can remember!
Here is a few things I am so glad my mother did for me:

1. She told me every story in the Bible, I believe. Most of them multiple times. And she didn't leave out the gruesome/wicked ones. She told them in a matter-of-fact way, that showed me the wickedness of men's hearts, and the righteousness of God.

2. She  always took extra special care of me when I was sick. She made me special food, even though she was a very practical, no-nonsense woman.

3. She taught me that no matter where I go, I can't run from God, so I never tried. :)

4. She frequently scrounged up quarters to buy us ice cream cones at the corner shop - even though we were quite poor.
5. She took me on long walks, pointing out the beauty of God's creation. She was not particularly educated, but she liked to try to figure out which bird was singing, and what kind of flower it was.
6. She taught me to love and care for my husband, home, and children.

She taught me how to bake bread,


can vegetables,

 sew clothes,

piece a quilt,

plant a garden, cook a meal,
...and that books were great friends.

She taught me to work hard, and you will always have a job.

That if you want to have friends, you have to be friendly.

That hard things happen in life, and you have to keep calm and carry on.

That all babies are sweet - even when they aren't very cute. :)

That a real lady acts the same in a palace or a hovel.

That you should be on time. No excuses. It's rude to others to be late.

That it's annoying when girls giggle a lot. :) ...and that they CAN learn to control it.

That it's OK to fix yourself up to look nice, but when you leave your room - you quit thinking about yourself, and start thinking of others.

That popcorn should be popped every Sunday afternoon, and eaten while reading a good book.

One morning she woke me up early, and we walked to the top of a small hill. As we watched the sun rise, she talked to me of God. I don't remember anything she said - but the memory of that early morning walk walk will stay with me always.

I take for granted too often all the great things that my mom has taught me. Today I want to say:         
                                       "Thanks, Mom."