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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 Day Snowstorm

We have been in a drought, here in southern Wyoming. Therefore, it wasn't hard for even this southern gal to be happy for the big (albeit late) snowstorm we received last week. I mean, a foot of snow is at least a couple inches of water, right?
So we canceled the kids music lessons and stayed snug at home in our warm house.
(I love having a warm house. )
Sunday evening it began to snow again. They were calling for chance of rain or snow through Wednesday. But I wasn't too excited...I mean, since when has the meteorologist been correct, ya know?!
But when I got up Monday morning, it was still snowing.
It snowed all day.
 Tuesday morning it was still snowing....

Again, it continued to snow all day. Now, it wasn't a heavy, pile-it-on snow - just a gentle, at times very light snow. But still, it was snow.
Last night at 10:30 pm, I flipped on the porch light,  and watched the snow falling...

When I got up this morning, it was still falling. Snow, snow snow.
Water. Moisture. whatever you want to call it.
I am truly ever so thankful.

But I am considering running away.
Preferably to Florida.

Where snow doesn't fall in the door when you open it.
And where people dress in a normal fashion - not covered head-to-toe in snow gear.

But still. I am thankful.
Some hay this summer, perhaps?
That would be great.
Oh, and how cool is it that you can take pictures of snowflakes? Even if it you have to lure the cats to the porch so you can see the flakes on their fur. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Get More Ink

...out of your printer ink cartridge, that is.

Printer ink cartridges just cost money, don't they? I get so tired of buying yet another pack of ink. Perhaps because I never had to buy ink til I was 26 years old. Barely knew what the stuff was.
But, as a home school mom, I am constantly printing, copying, and scanning things. I go through ink at an alarming rate! I should buy stock in Kodak.

I found a way to get a few more pages out of my ink cartridge. I was so excited about it! I tried it several times, and lo and behold - it works!
I have never just thrown away a cartridge since, without doing this one simple trick first.
                                                    Before photo of my shopping list

Roll it.
OK, so maybe you knew this. It took me awhile to come across this weird trick, so maybe it can help someone else. Share the love, and all that.

Yes, all you do is roll it side-over-side.
Not end over end. And don't shake it.

For some reason, those two methods do not work. I tried. I mean - if rolling it several times gently is good - shaking it vigorously is better, right? Wrong.
Here's the checklist:

1. Just hold it like you do when you are going to put it in the printer - right side up.

2. Then roll it side-over-side about 4-5 times.

That's it! You will get about 10-12 more pages out of it.
                                                After photo of the same list

Have you ever done this? Did it work for you?