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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Branding on the 4th of July

We were invited to our friends' branding on the 4th of July. 
So we drove through smoke-smothered countryside till we made the ranch. The air was a bit clearer at that ranch then it was here along Horse Creek.

 Cowboys never get enough roping. Trying out each other's ropes... Poly vs.  Reata vs. 4-strand vs who knows what.

 The kids explored new territory, and raced their imaginary horses.
 Or their stick ones. Lucia's 'horse' is named Tim. Just so you know.

Riding out to gather cattle.

 Bringin' them in.

 Headin' and heelin'.

 Baby Hyatt is such a cutie! He is quite the happy baby - full of grins and chubby adorableness. I don't think he likes the camera, though.

 My Cowboy is using one of my cinchas on his saddle.  I really enjoy making cinchas. I love trying new color combinations, and new designs. is my new favorite website/store.

The boss cuttin', and his wife runnin' the iron. We worked with them several winters in Laramie.We really enjoyed being invited to their branding, yesterday.

Check yer cinch and ride the brand.