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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last of 2010....

Year 2010 is drifting away in snow and below zero temps. It is quietly fading out, while year 2011 is standing tall by the door - waiting its turn to come in and stay awhile. The new year is full of promise, full of newness, full of hopes and dreams. Who doesn't love a new year? Another chance? Another beginning? The chance to try, yet again, to do That Thing you always procrastinate on? Or maybe, That Thing you think is too hard, and somehow it will get easier with a magical New year? I know, everyone is blogging, posting, talking, writing, and preaching about the New Year. I wasn't gonna be one of them. Ha. I write what is on my mind. And even though I like to think it - I am NOT an exception. Most of us aren't. That means you. Yep. sorry.

I have always had this thing with New Year's resolutions. Never made them much. Thought it was dumb to resolve to do something that you KNOW you aren't gonna do in 3 months from now. Or whenever. So I have refrained from them. Except once. When I was 13. (that's another story.) And this year is no different... I have not made resolutions. Well, OK, I have made some goals. Several things would like to accomplish the next few months, and so I wrote them out so I can keep on track. Quilts to finish, things to teach my daughter, who is quickly growing into a young lady, and some decorating. But if I WERE to make a New Year's resolution, (I can't break my record, you see) it would be just one thing...
Blog Every Week. Or every day. Anything would be better than this randomness. So, my friends, we shall see. I make no promises.

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