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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Allergies... An Update

Update: After 2 weeks of the oils, I was so excited! I wanted everyone to try them for everything!!!
But. But...
She was starting to be more and more wheezy during the day. I thought we'd just give it more time to get in her system.

Then one night Jenni came to me at midnight with a horrid asthma attack. I sleepily told her to go rub some oil on. She replied that she already had. I crawled out of bed, opened the bottle and put some in her hands and had her 'suck' it into her lungs. (breathe it in through the mouth, like an inhaler)
I rubbed more oil on her. I waited. Repeated the procedure. Several times.
Nope. Wasn't working. I told her to get her inhaler. She informed me it was empty.
Empty?!? What?? She hasn't had to use her rescue inhaler for 6 months! How did it get empty??
After some more conversation, I discovered that she had been using it everyday in her bedroom.

So basically, stopping her regular regimen of drugs just made her asthma flare up big time, and she was keeping it quiet with her rescue inhaler. It's called a 'rescue inhaler' for a reason. Not meant to be used every day. So yeah.

The oils work awesome for hay fever/allergy symptoms, such as runny nose, sneezing, itching. But they don't work for asthma, at least for my daughter. The Breathe Blend was what I was using for her asthma, and even though she rubbed it on her skin every night (often more) it did very little for her asthma that I could tell. I immediately had her start her drugs again. Except the benadryl. She can use which ever she wants for that. Some days she uses oils, some days (esp if we'll be gone all day) she opts for a Zyrtec. I am sad. I wanted these oils to work. I really, really did.
I am convinced they work for some things for some people. But just like ALL natural remedies, they only work for some things. NOT everything. Not for everyone, anyways.
So there you go.
Fighting hay fever? Try them! I know if I start sneezing/runny nose, I reach for them first. I love them. But obviously I can't guarantee that they will work for you.

By the way - I have had some success with them for other things.
Headaches: I get terrible headaches, and dabbing peppermint on my temples and behind my ears does seem to work pretty good for those. One time it worked completely, the next time after 2-3 applications, the pain was only gone by 50% so i did take some Ibuprofen.

Sore throat: I started with a terrible sore throat one day, and after 18 hours of it just getting worse, I thought "why not?" and rubbed some peppermint on my neck. In a couple hours there was no more soreness.

Will I continue to use the oils?
Yes. I will continue to use them and try new ones as I can afford them, cause I just like them. And they have worked for some things.

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  1. Awww, that's too bad! I was so hoping that they would work for Jenni - Asthma attacks are no fun! Glad to know that they work in some small measure for you guys though. Hopefully those attacks will grow less as she gets older.


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