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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Kids.

I have 4 kids. Well, some people only know me with three kids. I shall enlighten you.
1.Jennifer -- she is, like most 'oldest', a very responsible and wise child. She knows how to take care of her baby sister, and how to split treats so that everyone is happy. She loves to read about horse, draw horses, and dream of the horse ranch she is gonna own someday. Never mind the fact that she fell off a runaway horse, and is now a bit rattled whenever she rides.
2. Franklin --- He is all sweetness, full of feeling and emotion, melting into tears easier than either of his sisters. (We are working on the whole; 'Cowboy Tough' thing. ) He is easily persuaded, much to Jenni's delight and my chagrin. He is enamored with all things mechanical. trucks, tractors, aircraft, robots, anything. If it has a motor, he loves it. He is ok with ranches, but trust me, this kid will one day own a mechanic garage. That or drive the biggest dump truck made. Oh, and DINOSAURS!!! The scarier and uglier, the better. He loves to draw them, play with them, and imagine.
3. Andy--- what can I say? He was a sturdy little tyke, rough and ready. He loved nothing better than to tackle his big brother and sister, and bring them to their knees. He had a grin as wide as the open skies. He had a temper that matched. He was the most likely to follow his father. At least as much as we could tell at age 2. :) He screamed bloody murder if you tried to take him off the back of a horse. Our Andy. The only one of our kids named by his father exclusively. (I didn't like the name.) But he is gone now. He drowned at age 2. (don't even ask how that happened.) He plays in heaven now. Maybe he rides lions up there. He definitely isn't spending his days sitting still...
4. Lucia --- Our sweet baby. Ok, she isn't really a baby anymore, but she likes to cuddle. Likes to tease. Loves her daddy fiercely, and at the same time is shy around him. She MUST get in on whatever the big kids are doing. She hates real food. She thinks the only thing fit to eat is snacks. So we are working n healthy snacks. She is our sunshine. But then, they all were our sunshine at age 2. My favorite age. Always has been. Cliff's too. Lucia has no fear of bugs. She loves to pick them up and squish them. Gross. She is also delighted when she finds a dead mouse in a trap. Crazy kid.
I tell you, God has blessed us so much with these little people. Who can ask for more? And what could be more fulfilling than spending my life caring for them, and teaching them about life? I am proud to be their mommy.


  1. LOVE IT, Kay! You have such a wonderful way with words. I love how you described Jenny, Franklin, Andy, and Lucia. You are such a sweet, caring mom and I am privileged to know you (and your kiddos) :)

  2. awww... maybe Andy IS riding lions! made me cry just a little. he was too cute for words, but you did a super job describing him. miss you!


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