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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cows in My Yard...again.

Here they come! ...Yearlings being moved back to their respective pastures, after some sorting down at the corrals.This is such a common scene from my window, that I forget how interesting it is till someone else is here, and rushes to the window to watch. I always enjoy watching, too, and so I grabbed my camera (oops, actually, my friends camera that I am borrowing) and snapped a few pics from the comfort of my dining room window. You won't catch me going outside in the cold January wind, if I can stay indoors! :) Remember? I am a wimp.

They are supposed to stay on the lane going past my house, but inevitably, they must go around the back of my house, and woe is me if I have laundry hanging out! They also love to hang around the cars, licking the mirrors, slobbering on the windows, and scratching on the corner of my house. Until the cowdogs get at 'em. Bite 'em up, boys! This time it was the Boss and his dogs. He has well trained dogs that actually help him. They had those steers moved on past so quick I didn't have time for many photos.

The Boss. The guy Cliff answers to, and works for. The guy that writes our paycheck. I feed him homemade bread occasionally. Just to keep him happy. Just kidding! :) He's a very nice fellow. Loves the Lord. And he's very patient with a certain crazy ranch wife who keeps shooting footage and photos of him at brandings, sortings, cattle drives, shipping, etc, etc. And he has the cutest 2 year-old little girl you have ever seen.

And here is a photo that I had to stick in, even though I can't figure out how to tie in a Narcissus with cattle in my yard. I was playing around with previously mentioned camera, and loved this shot that I got of the Narcissus on my windowsill.

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