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Saturday, August 13, 2011

We moved...

We moved.
After a loooong month of decisions, planning, sorting, packing, cleaning, more packing, cleaning and sorting....
It finally happened.
This has got to be one of the craziest summers of my adult life.
It just keeps being crazy busy. Anyways.
We moved to  another ranch in Wy. We now live 30 min north of Cheyenne.

Leaving the X-Bar.
             Coming in the lane to our new house - that red building is the barn, tho, so don't get confused!
 This is an old ranch - so there are alot of old buildings, mixed in with the new. I love old buildings!
 We went on a drive north of here recently, and drove through a herd of buffalo. They were pretty raggedy looking. But the cloud is pretty!

 Frank likes his 'new - from- goodwill' hat...
 ...And Jenni loves her 'new-from-goodwill' bike that she bought for $3. :)
And we watched the airshow during Frontier days. Pretty impressive for a small-city show.

And many other things have happened that I would love to share. But the chokecherries are calling, and the peaches are also calling, and there is dishes to wash and clothes to fold...see you all later, when I have another minute! :) Happy Summer!

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