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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Ranch Competition

On Sunday, July 3rd, there was a ranch roping competition.
My Cowboy entered.
He likes roping the most of all ranch jobs. He comes home from work and throws loops, just for fun. 
He throws loops that are crazy.
Crazy hard, that is.
Like the other night, I watched him throw one over his shoulder, facing away from the dummy! I really don't know when he will use that shot in real life, but I'm sure he would, somehow. 

Throwing a few practice loops before the competition....

                                                    Such an ornery kid!
 Ok, maybe she is sweet, after all!

 The judges. This was a first-time-for-this-area type of deal. So it was pretty informal. Which was great. I like informal. I think informal is my middle name.
 My fun friend! She was my next-door neighbor at the X-Bar, and while she is a beautiful and charming ranch wife, she is a good hand, too. Something I definitely am not. I have jealousy issues with ranch wives that can ride and rope as well as make a delicious meal. I can fill a table - but don't ask me to rope. I can't.
(She really is a great friend. I love her to pieces. And I miss her.)
 This just looks painful. Not that I pity him, or anything. I actually find it quite humorous. Payback for all the cowboys he's tried to kick in his short lifetime....
 My Cowboy and one of his teammates on one of the three teams he was on. We like to call this cowboy: 'Will Rogers'. Cause he looks like W.R. Sorta. (no offense, Karmen! We love W.R.:)
 And the star of the show!! Ok, the star of MY show.
 That grin is why I married My Cowboy. Well, its why I was first attracted to him. Just bein honest, here, folks.
 Hold, it! They didn't crash, peoples. They were ok.

 My Cowboy and his coworker from the X-Bar. They were on a team together, too.

Does anyone see anything in this picture besides the obvious horse backside? Yeah, I thought that shadow was cool, too. My Cowboy didn't win.... but he did in my mind, when I heard some older cowboys behind me talkin....

Cowboy 1: "Did you see that guy dally? That was some pretty dallies."

Cowboy 2: "Yeah, he's a good hand."

Cowboy 1: "I can see..."

And they moved out of my hearing. Those comments made my day.

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