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Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter weather.

Old Man Winter has come to stay awhile. I am OK with that. I never thought I would say that - but after nearly 5 years in WY, I am acclimated. I think.
You know, in the Midwest you have Summer - then a few months of winter before getting back to Summer. In Wyoming, you have Winter - then a few months of summer before getting back to Winter.
I like the Midwest better for that reason, but hey. It's an imperfect world. (That's my new favorite phrase. just ask my sister and my husband. they have to listen to it at least 10 times a week. It explains so much so well, though!)
       So anyways, its winter. Which means snow. And icy roads. And wind. Repeat multiple times. My kids go sledding the first 2 times it snows, then they get tired of it. It has snowed at least 6 times so far this winter, so they have filled their quota of sledding. At least for now. I, on the other hand, would likely never go sledding if I didn't have to take my kids out.
I have been checking the ice frequently, however, trying to determine how thick it should be to bear the weight of three small kids and one large mom at the same time. How thick should ice be? And should one carry a long pole the first time across, just in case one falls though, while testing the safety? I don't know these things. Because when I was a kid, I spent most winters in Florida - where all normal people winter. And they don't exactly have frozen ponds down there, if you get my drift. Now, I could tell you when to go to the beach to find the very best seashells, and which beach is the most secluded, and where you will be likely to see dolphins playing, or where you just may step on a jellyfish if you aren't careful. 
But ice...well, its just not my thing. And My Cowboy loves to ice skate, so I am trying to instill the same love in my kids. I am glad we have a nice-sized pond in our backyard, so we can go skating at home.
    In other news - we have been 'dog-sitting' for a friend the last 10 days or so. A border-collie, no less. I am not a fan of border-collies, but My Cowboy is. he has been hauling the dog around in the truck. He is getting the urge to get another border collie, I think. A working dog, of course. A good cowdog is worth 2 men, sometimes. At least when working cattle. But the problem is; either you have to get a puppy and train it, (read: Time) or you have to buy a trained dog, (read: Money) either way, its gonna have to wait awhile.
    My Cowboy is currently working in his leather-shop most evenings, trying to get caught up on orders. He has a saddle that is long overdue, (sorry, Axel!) And a few other misc. orders to fill. I like that he has a waiting list, though, that just means he's good!
   My current project is finishing a quilt that was ordered a long time ago. I am almost done! So ready to get it out of the frame, and get some other things done. I have some sewing that I wanna get done before Christmas, and I really want to make some cute aprons. I was looking at some pictures of aprons online, and was reminded how much I like aprons. I don't have any I like right now, though, so I want to find some cute fabric and sew some up.
  I have a new craft that I want to learn. I am not going to tell you what it is just yet. (I will soon, don't worry!)  But I will give you a hint: It will help My Cowboy in his saddle shop, and it has to do with Mohair. If you are not familiar with mohair - I am sorry. And if you do not, or have not, lived with cowboys - my apologies.

Enough rambling for today - I have a quilt to finish!

Riddle: What is this creature?


  1. ...Are you weaving saddle blankets?

    I am crazy about yarn, and fleece, and wool, and roving, and knitting, and SHEEP. I even like that lanolin smell... so I am really excited to see your new craft!

  2. Hopalong - yes, I like fibers too, although up till now I haven't done much. And no. Its not saddle blankets! But good guess! :)

  3. Hi, Kay! I just found your blog! I love it! Great way to keep up with your life! :)


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