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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Calving Season

It's February. We have snow. Drifts and piles of snow.
I think my car is sleeping.

The Boss plowed the lanes.
 That makes me happy- cause I used to plow snow with my car at the X-Bar.
 That was not...ideal.

 My kids call the snow piles: "The Himalayans." That may be stretching it just a tad.
By the way - where does an 8 year old learn to crawl up on a snow pile, beat his chest and yell incoherently: "aahh-yah-yah-yaah-YAAAHHH!"
It must be the male DNA. That's all I can figure. My daughters and myself were quite content to walk around and exclaim about the pretty snow, the cute calves, etc, etc.

Horse Creek in winter.

Winter and cold and snow notwithstanding - the cowboys must saddle up and go to work. Its calving season!

                                             Ridin' through heifers.

         Teaching Cisco to pull the calf-sled. He has pulled one before - but it's been awhile, and he is not very trusting. My Cowboy made this sled. He uses it to pull new babies into the barn, so they don't freeze. If he's lucky, he will get the mama cow to go into the barn before she gives birth, so the baby can be born in the warmth of the barn. And so he doesn't have to drag the baby in later. But sometimes the cows are too quick, and till he gets out for the next 2 hr. check - the baby is on the ground.

                                          Just another day at the office...

                         A fresh baby. Less than an hour old. Still wet. (ok - slimy.)

 My Cowboy takin' Lucia to see the babies down by the willows. These are several days old. Notice the mamas keeping a wary eye on My Cowboy. I don't like getting too close to a mama cow.

                                             Safe by mama.
I really enjoy calving season... well, I enjoy looking at the babies. I feel sorry for the guys that have to check on the cows every 2 hours, round the clock. I am glad at such times to be a woman.

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