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Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 weeks of Bed Rest

Today I shall give you an update on the home situation around here. It may be boring to some of you - so feel free to pass. :)
It's been 4 weeks since I was put on bed rest.
Really? In a way - it doesn't seem that long, on the other hand - I feel like I have been laying on my couch the whole summer.
I have been laying here all of August.  That's a long time, baby. Of course, I have been under restrictions since the first week in July, so I haven't really been 'normal' since then. 
After 4 completely normal pregnancies, I never figured it possible to have such a complicated pregnancy. 
Boy, was I wrong! I guess it's true when they say that 'every pregnancy is different'!  
Am I depressed? No.
Well, ok. It does seem long. Some days I struggle with boredom and/or loneliness. But I can say that the grace of God has been abundant. I feel so blessed to still be carrying this baby.
They didn't give me much hope, back at 9 weeks when I was in the ER.
Or at 12 weeks when I had another ultrasound.
Or at 18 weeks. 
But here I am: 27 weeks, baby is measuring normal size, and from all appearances is a healthy, growing baby! Thank you, God!
I am being taken care of by my wonderful, amazing family: my handsome husband, my sweet kids... they  all pitch in and run the house, fix me food, and care for my hobbies (chickens/garden) while I can't.
                                      Beautiful flowers from My Cowboy and the kids.

Then there's my kind friends.
1.  My friend Karmen drove over an hour one day to visit me. She stocked my fridge and freezer with food, loaned me a stack of books, books on tape, dvd's, and her laptop!! and she placed her adorable baby boy on my lap, so I could snuggle with him. Sometimes it's the little things in life....

2.Then my friend Jodiann drove up another day...also an hour's drive. (yeah, we kinda live far from anyone) She brought loads of delicious food, goodies for the kids, books, books on tape, and of course, conversation! She also did a big stack of ironing, and cleaned out my fridge!!! Ok, there are seriously only a handful of people in this world who I would allow to clean out my fridge. Jodiann is one of them. :) It was really, really bad, too. Thanks, Jodi! Every time I walked past the fridge for the next 2 days - I opened it, just to admire the clean-ness of it! lol!

3. One Sunday Phil & Katie drove up.  1.5 hour drive for them. They brought some of the kids' friends along, which was a nice surprise. They also brought food, and conversation, and Katie made popcorn! :) I am a huge 'popcorn-on-Sunday-afternoon' freak, and we've been missing the cord to our popper for several weeks. So when she asked what I was hungry for, I said popcorn. :) I loved it.

4. Gretchen (Cliff's boss' mom) brought a yummy meal one day. (The best brownies ever!) She lives in town, and has a pretty full schedule - I was honored that she took time to make a homemade meal.

5. A neighbor, Kaley, who I had only met once or twice, offered many times to pick up anything in town that we needed. One evening she brought milk and cereal for us. She's a good American. A good neighbor.

                                                    Flowers from my mom.
6. Then there's my cleaning girl, Heidi, who comes every week and deep-cleans my bathrooms and kitchen. She doesn't even like to accept pay - even though she drives 3 hours round-trip. Her mother sent a delicious meal yesterday - thanks, Karen!

7. There has been various friends and neighbors who have offered help, and there are many friends who pray on a regular basis for our family and this baby. It is all much appreciated. On Sunday, My Cowboy came home from church with food for our freezer...lots of food from friends. And a book from yet another friend. 

8. Last but not least:  when I was first put on bed rest, the first person to call me was my brother. The next day another brother called. I am so blessed to have loving brothers and sisters that care about me, and faithfully call and help pass the time. I just wanna give a shout out to my siblings... Jerry, Jason, Darrell, Jane, Carol, and Rose. What a wonderful family I have! 
Of course, my mom and Cliff's mom keep track of me too.

Are you still with me? :) Ok. All that to say: How could I possibly be depressed?!? I have wonderful, caring friends, loving family, and an awesome God. My needs are provided for, my wants are catered to, and I have the privilege of carrying daughter number 3! 
I can be nothing but grateful. 

                                                 ~27 weeks pregnant~

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  1. Love that so many people have been there for you, such a blessing!
    Glad to hear things are still rocking along with you and baby. Prayers continue. :)


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