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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Laramie Jubilee Days Ranch Rodeo

One day in early July, we loaded the horses into our old trailer, packed some sandwiches into a cooler, and headed west to Laramie.
The annual Laramie Ranch Rodeo was on, and My Cowboy was on a team with 3 of his buddies.

Coming over Sherman Hill, into the Big Laramie Valley.

Getting the event rules...

Waiting their turn... My Cowboy is hiding in the back, with a blue-check shirt.

 I missed them coming out the gate. Here My Cowboy is already on the ground, ready to brand the calf.

Roger Lorenzi - the local brand inspector.
 Lorenzi again...
 My Cowboy was behind the trailer while he was branding - so I just got a glimpse of him.

                                                  Lane Stevenson handing him the (cold) branding iron.

                                                My Cowboy returning the brandin' iron to the bucket.

                                Lane has the steer that needs trailered on the end of his rope.

 And how many cowboys does it take to trailer a recalcitrant steer?

 At least four. Caught My Cowboy jumping off his horse to add some manpower to the action!

Push 'em in, boys!

Oh, this one was not at all interested in going into that trailer!!

Finally. Got him in.

Now to hightail it back to the finish line, so the timer can stop...
Lane politely waited to hand My Cowboy his reins. Cowboys are so mannerly. They show respect and deference to their peers. I like that about them. (Catch me going to a sport where guys get paid millions to knock each others teeth out!)

Makin' the run to the finish line!


They didn't place - but they did pretty good! Four events in 3.6 minutes. Not bad! They came in #6 out of 14 teams. A nice way to spend your day off. :)

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