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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy National Ag Day!

Happy National Ag Day!
Did you thank a farmer or rancher for your food? You should. Every farmer/rancher feeds 150 people. Don't ask where I got that statistic...I forget. :)
Today was a rather normal Tuesday. Tuesdays around here are pretty predictable.
Mondays are also predictable.
So are Saturdays.
And Sundays.
The rest of the week is wild, let me tell you. Like, homemaking-homeschooling-and-diapering-the-baby-wild. (OK, so that's not really wild, is it?)
This morning I fried sausage and eggs (homegrown, brown, Omega-3-loaded, from-my-own-chickens-eggs, mind you) and toasted some bagels.
And made coffee.
Of course.
Then it was getting the kids started homeschooling, starting laundry, putting supper in the crockpot, And mixing up a batch of dinner rolls. In between, I fed the baby, diapered the baby, and laid her down for a nap.  

Sometimes I say: "I put her down", (for a nap) but My Cowboy says that sounds like I just killed a cow or something. (As in: "Honey, there was a sick cow - I had to put her down.") Yikes. I'm trying to specify that I laid her down for a nap.
The kids are trying to take photos of each other to send to Working Ranch Magazine. WRM has a kids issue coming up, and they have a contest for the cover photo...Of ranch kids, by ranch kids, doing ranch-y stuff. So I sent them out this morning with my big camera and lots of "be careful's", to snap some pics. They did a pretty good job, although I think they misunderstood when I told them to keep the sun behind them. Anyway, I love this picture, so who cares? 
 I had started a cinch on Monday, and there was about an hour's work left to do on it. So I finished that up before lunch.
My first all natural colored cinch. It's a special order for a customer in Texas.
After a quick lunch of stew and fresh dinner rolls, I packed up the kids and we headed to town. We had several errands...Wal*Mart, the bank, post office, library, Murdoch's, and then some half-price-Happy-Hour slushes from Sonic, before the kids' music lessons.
After all that, I made it home about 6 pm. Just in time for supper.
I love my crockpot on days like today. Coming home to hot food is beyond wonderful.
And that, my friends, is how I spent National Ag Day.

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