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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Taggin' Calves

One sunny day last week, I rode out with My Cowboy to tag calves. No - I didn't saddle up and ride out - I was far and away too lazy for that! I rode out in my Suburban. Much faster, easier, and more comfy. Yes, that's how us ranch-wives roll. At least, this ranch wife.

I can drive right up and stick my lens out the window. No need for actually braving the elements.

How do you tag calves? Well, it's about as easy as it just ride up to a new baby calf, rope it, and tag it.
First - you have to know how to rope. Therein lies the first difficulty. Of course, My Cowboy knows how to rope, so no worries!
 Here he has the calf roped...  

 Then you kneel on the rope,(so baby doesn't go bananas and freak out your horse) while writing the mama cow's number on the calf's eartag. You know - so you can tell which calf goes to which cow. That's sorta the whole point...

Then you throw it, like this...

 Then you carefully place the eartag into the eartag-pliers-thingy, so it doesn't fall out... ( I really have no idea what those pliers are called??)

Then you put the pliers over the ear, and squeeze, which, when done correctly - attaches the tag in the ear much like an ear ring. No - I don't think it hurts them much, cause they don't usually bawl. Besides, how many women and girls pierce their ears? Pretty much the same thing, I'd guess.

 Then you loosen the rope...
 And let Baby run back to mama....
 And everyone is happy.

And My Cowboy is off to rope and tag another calf.

Now - multiply that process times several hundred.
Yes. That is a lot of roping.
Roping = Fun

Have a happy day, and find something to rope!

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