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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Allergies...and my new discovery!

Ok, let me start this post with some notes:

1. I normally am very, very skeptical of home remedies, natural healing, and alternative medicine in general.

2. I really, really get tired of people pushing their network marketing program, so I will not 'sell' or push my products. I did sign up as a distributor - basically so I could get the product cheaper - and if this info helps someone, I do have an online storefront you can buy through, and I will earn a commission.

3. I have not been paid for this article/review, it is solely my own experience, I am just so excited I want to share. :)

So. The story.
When my daughter was about 2 years old, she started having allergies and asthma attacks. I was pretty interested in natural health back then, and tried everything people suggested to me. Garlic, echinacea, emu oil, Mannatech, Melaleuca, ( I still use Melaleuca, but not for allergies. And thats another story. :) onions, warm steam, cold mist, diffused oils, and plus some I've forgotten. I got so tired of trying all these miserable 'cures' on my little girl!
I basically gave up. Said "forget it" and went to the Doc. The Doc put her on meds and drugs and it worked good. She no longer gets asthma attacks (or at least very rarely) although her hay fever symptoms are starting to just get worse.

I started searching again for a natural remedy... I read an article about essential oils taken internally for allergies. I didn't know you could take them internally! Well, most of them shouldn't be taken internally, but the high quality 100% pure ones can. So I immediately thought of my friend who I had heard sells them. After a nice chat with her - I decided that it couldnt hurt to try. So I tried them on my daughter...

Day 1: I gave Jenni 1 drop each of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint in a glass of water. I watched her closely, and at the first sign of a sneeze, I gave her another dose. It was almost exactly 3 hours between doses.

Day 2: Pretty much a repeat of day 1.

Day 3: We spent half the day in town, so by afternoon she was sniffling again - but after a dose, I didn't hear much more out of her.

Day 4: (today) I don't even have to remind her - she goes and takes a dose whenever she starts sneezing. She likes it! She hated those meds. Hated taking them, hated the mess. But she likes this she doesn't want to go back.

I decided to sign up as a distributor to get the wholesale discount, and i ordered some gel capsules so I can put the dose in their instead of water. Once I get my bigger bottles (I am still using sample bottles) I will try giving her a bigger dose, and see if it lasts longer than 3-4 hours. Some people are taking 3-5 drops each at a time.

Pros:It is 100% natural.
It has no side effects.
 I think it is a very good alternative to Benadryl, if you have the heart to try a new thing!

Cons: It is spendy. Hard to get around when you are on a limited budget. Unfortunately, I really don't think you will get the same results with a cheap oil where you don't know the processing/fillers, etc.
It may take some fiddling to get the dosage right.

Summary - I will be giving more updates as we go along. I will tell you if we go back to drugs. Which I will in  a heartbeat if this stops working! I am all about results!! :)

Note:: Oh, I almost forgot... After 8 years of being allergy free, I have started sneezing again every morning for about an hour. I take a dose too, and one dose is usually all it takes for me, sometimes an our later I have to take a drop of peppermint - which I just take straight. :)

So, here is my referral link. If you want to know more, research! :) I am just sharing what our experience has been thus far.
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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing!! Verrry very interesting..and educating!

    1. I know - so simple, yetI would have never guessed! I'm so happy to be able to stop giving my daughter drugs.


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