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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Walk With A Cowboy

I love taking rambling, slow walks in the coolness of evening. The days heat has dissipated, and the birds are softly calling to each other as they settle on for the night.

This evening I asked My Cowboy to walk with me. He agreed, and we set off. We hadn't gone far when I heard a small voice behind us. 

There was my little girl- wanting to come along! :) Of course, I couldn't say no to her! we continued together. 

Now, My Cowboy enjoys to rope. 'Enjoys' is an understatement! He brought his rope on our walk, and commenced to roping tufts of grass, fence posts, fallen branches, and little girls. 
He'd throw the loop to land in front of her feet - but she nimbly avoided it, mostly. 

It was a pleasant way to end the day. 

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