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Friday, May 21, 2010

Spring is here!

I was so happy today, with all the sunshine and warmth! I really am not a 'snow/winter' type of gal, so after a loooong Wyoming winter, I am revelling in the sunshine!

I was offered a free goat last Dec. and she was already bred, so I decided to take her. I want to see if it (goat's milk) will help my oldest daughter's eczema... she has been diagnosed with dairy allergies, and although she had been better the last 3 years, she is starting to relapse with all the same symptoms again. At least, this time I know what to look for, and (hopefully) nip it in the bud!

Well, on Tuesday, my doe finally kidded! It was a great, informal learning experience for my children... the popular vote on the whole event was basically: "Gross!" ;-) The goat (Fizzy) had twin buckling kids. That means they go to a sale as soon as possible! However - the are such cute little creatures. They can't seem to walk anywhere - just spring around on legs that are obviously made of rubber!

I was in the middle of doing laundry,
and had put Lucia (18 months) down for an early nap, when my sweetheart called, and said his truck had a flat tire... 'way out by the pivots close to Sheep Mountain. So I 'quickly' hung out a load of laundry, and woke my sleeping toddler, and piled all three kids in our truck... I had to stop at HQ to pick up a tire wrench, jack, etc. Then drive 3 miles paved road, and three miles of two-track dirt road to get to where Cliff was. He came home for lunch with us, then I drove him back out to put a spare tire on. So my day wasn't quite as productive as one could wish! but then, there are just days like that!
~~~"I have learned, that whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content!"~~~
I managed to get my Square-Foot-Gardens finished! Well, OK, not 'quite' finished... they still need their plastic covers, but I am so. so. so. glad that they are this far along! Cliff screwed the squares together, (I am not so good with a drill!;) Then I made the grids, made the pvc hoops, and mixed the soil. I am hoping that it is worth it! I do love to mess in the dirt!

So those are few of my springtime projects! More to come...


  1. Hah! You are so good! Just today I was thinking that you should blog all your "stuff". You are good at it and do a neat job of your creations so it's well worth our time looking. :)

  2. Ps. don't ask Nev about me and a drill! I manage but would rather not have him watching!!!


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