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Sunday, May 30, 2010

First branding of the year...

Saturday 5.29.10

4:40 am: Get out of bed, down a glass of apple juice, and start mixing dough for doughnuts.

5:45 am: Milk the goat.
6:00 am: Roll and cut out doughnuts, mix up blueberry muffins, and mix bread dough in the Kitchenaid.

6:30 am: Fry sausage and eggs to go with the muffins for the guys. Cliff made the coffee...

6:45 am: Start frying doughnuts.

7:20 am: My sister comes out to help with the doughnuts - scolding fiercely for not waking her. (yeah, right! like I am gonna wake my pregnant sister, at 5 am, after she just got in at 2:30 that same morning?!?!? I think not!) 8:00 am: Lucia wakes; soaked, needs a quick bath... bread goes into the oven.

8:30 am: I decide that 81 doughnuts are plenty, and roll the rest of the dough into cinnamon rolls.
9:00 am: Finished!!! Yay! We collapse with some OJ and... yep! a doughnut!

9:30 am: Drive to the ranch HQ to get the truck, so we all can fit...

10:00 am: We pile our 6 kids and the doughnuts into the truck, and drive 1/2 mile to HQ, where the cowboys are just finishing sorting the calves from their anxious mothers.

10:15 am: The last cow to get sorted, fell on top of one young man; breaking both bones in his leg. The other cowboys jerked the doughnuts out of the backseat of our truck, so the injured guy could lay in the backseat for the 20+ mile drive to the ER.

10:30 am: Break time. Soda pop and doughnuts!

11:00 am: They start roping calves, dragging them to the fire, and branding, cutting, ear tagging, and deworming shots.

12:00 pm: I am tired of trying to keep Lucia away from the canal, so I go back to the house for an hour to put some laundry through, and post a picture on FB.

1:00 pm: I go to HQ, and wait there while the guys finish up with the branding. Lucia falls asleep in my arms.

2:00 pm: Lunch. The boss' wife is an excellent cook, and she made a spread to make any cowboy happy! Roast beef, grilled chicken, roast potatoes, salad, homemade dinner rolls, jello salad, baked corn, peach delight and sweet tea! Yum! ( oh, yeah, it goes with out saying that there was lots of black coffee!)

3:00 pm: Jane (my sister) and I take our kids home and crash for an hour... napping on the couch/floor.
4:00 pm: More laundry.

5:00 pm: Defrost chicken breast and saute, chop a red onion, and mix up yet MORE dough, for a BBQ Chicken pizza.

7:00 pm: Our men finally get home, we eat pizza, chips, pop, and ice cream. Oh yeah, and doughnuts!

9:30 pm: My sister and her family leave; I am now too tired to wash my dishes, or prepare Sunday school lessons, or even take a shower. I fall into bed exhausted.... but it was a GOOD day! Our first branding of the year - and the only branding at the X-Bar Ranch, but there will be more brandings at the sister ranches throughout the spring.

I love my cowboy!

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