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Monday, May 24, 2010

10 reasons why I love my husband...

1. He cares more what God thinks of him, than what people think.
I can so easily worry about what people will think if I do so-n-so, or how they may misinterpret our motives, or misunderstand my heart, etc,etc, blah, blah, blah. But Cliff? nope. He doesn't care. He walks before GOD, and it only matters to him, if God is pleased with him or not.

2. He is kind.
Seriously, this is so important to me. He never yells, or even raises his voice in anger. In the 11 years of knowing him, I have NEVER heard him raise his voice in anger. That's more than I can say about myself, unfortunately! Even when he does give a gentle rebuke or admonition, its always kind and gentle.
3. He takes responsibility for his family.
Yes, I've heard all sorts of reasons for a guy not 'bringing home the bacon', but in my opinion, its just so much hogwash! (pardon the pun) A REAL MAN makes the living. (of course there's rare exceptions) I am so.very.thankful for a man who works HARD every day to provide for us. I never want to take it for granted...

4. He is a private person.
This one only some of you will understand, but I sorta like being the only person who REALLY knows my husband! Of course, its the same for everyone, to degree. But my husband is one of those who is deemed 'quiet', and is often overlooked. He is the kind of guy that is never heard in a group conversation, rarely speaks much at all in a group, just sits and listens with that hint of a grin! When I tell my friends some of the CRAZY things he says, they almost don't believe me. I know they have a hard time picturing it, when I tell them that he will talk almost non-stop to me, for hours at a time. He really is so interesting, I bug him sometimes, and say he should cut jokes and act 'normal' when we are with our friends, but then again, I kinda like him this way! ;-)
(OK, I REALLY like him this way!)

5. He is loyal.
He has been through various hard times, (in relationships) but he is loyal to the extreme. Even if I say something sorta gossipy about another friend of ours, he is quick to defend. He takes the local body of Christ seriously - its like his own family, he will support and, despite rumors, loss of friends, etc, he stands firm.

6. He is beloved of our children.
They think he hung the moon. well, almost! they think he can do anything, (he can, too!) and they love when he does things with them. They think no one else is even close to being as good a driver as Dad.

7. He can do almost anything.
OK, so I think it, too! He can build anything... he built a house from ground up for us, once. The only thing he had help with, was hanging the trusses, and installing the carpet. He did all the electrical, plumbing, even built the cupboards! He can also lay a beautiful rock wall, throw a nice 'loop, and run an entire ranch. ( even though we don't own it, he is the main ranch hand here, and consequently, left in charge at times. He can do it all, from irrigation, to ordering diesel, to ropin' yearlings, to calving)

8. He is funny.
I like to laugh. I especially like to laugh with my sweetheart! He is so crazy! I love living with him...

9. He likes the outdoors.
Yes,I am a outdoorsy girl, and living with someone who also loves the outdoors, is alot of fun! Not to mention, I don't have to try to get interested in something like football! (horrors!;-) We can go hunting together, fishing, hiking, camping, and picnicking... or just drive through the mountains on the way home from church. Of course, like many couples with several kids, little time or money, we do more talking and dreaming than actual activties, but hey! at least we dream! we always say that when our kids leave home, we sure wont be bored and lonesome, we will have too many things we want to do. Not that we wont miss our kids, but we will be busy...

10 He is a romantic guy.
I saved the best for last! He always brings me flowers for special occasions, which he knows are so important to me. He know just what kind of card to get... it always says it just right! He makes me feel like a queen, even though I am quite ordinary.

I can't imagine a marriage where there's fighting, harsh words, unforgiven wrongs, and coolness towards each other. I am thankful that by the grace of God, we have learned to 'keep a clean slate' and always run to each other immediately to ask or give forgiveness. I am so thankful for the godly husband I have. He has taught me so much about how a christian lives, without ever knowing it. He is WONDERFUL!


  1. i love your life! and your blog! keep writing. . i'm reading in Georgia. : )

  2. oh, Kay, I read this as I ate my delicious brat sandwich & missed my husband. he bought them for me, unasked. he tries so hard -and cheerfully- to please a sick pregnant wife's totally unreasonable appetite. I could have written almost all of this exactly about him. I want him to read it tonight. it is priceless to me to have my husband be my best friend & confidante... to watch him with our little ones and others'... to see him hold a newborn nephew and say 'this makes me dread when we're done having babies'... to have NEVER heard him raise his voice in anger in spite of a totally opposite upbringing... to be inspired by his genuinely Christian kindness & forgiveness... and to feel the security of knowing that he will never expose me or our private life to others. I am blessed! I love to hear of & see other happy marriages among all the sad wreckages. Keep up the writing. -anne beiler


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