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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice and cold.

I tried to think of something interesting to write about. I tried to think of an intriguing way to approach this subject, I then tried to think of a cool title...all to no avail.
Its cold.
Its icy.
Its really cold.
Really, really cold.
This week has been sorta like this:
Mon. night: -20*
Tue. 9*
Tue. night: -39*
Wed. -6*
Wed. -25*
Thu. 6*
That's not figuring for wind chill. (-54 Wed. am)
I have been learning thankfulness this winter, and this cold snap is totally testing me on how much I am actually thankful in every situation. My normal reaction to this kinda cold would be to whine. And complain. And grouse. Moan. Growl. Complain some more. Tell everyone how bad it is. And then complain. You get the drift. I am not proud of my unthankful self.

God has shown me lately that my happiness is directly linked to my thankfulness. I wanna be happy. I also wanna be thankful. God commands it. I love God. End of story.

(well, not quite. :)

Its easy expected to be thankful for 'Jesus dying for my sins', and for grace, protection, family, friends, etc, etc...

But what about cold weather? What about frozen water pipes? What about vehicles that won't operate properly, due to cold? What about the extra work involved in caring for stock? What about cold houses?

I think those areas are how we prove that we truly ARE thankful. That we truly do use the grace that we say we're thankful for. That we actually do trust God. Trust that He has allowed everything in our lives for our good. "The LORD is good to all: and His tender mercies are over all His works." Psalms 145:9

I have a long ways to go in this area. I want to be truly thankful. In every situation. Even if the temperature is -39 when I get up at 6 am.

I am waiting for this. THIS.

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