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Friday, September 9, 2011

Bithdays and Cartoons

My youngest turned 3 today.
I don't know if I like that.
I like my kids birthdays.
And I like that i was able to celebrate her 3rd birthday.
My last baby never got the chance to turn 3, you know.
I like babies.
And a three year old is not a baby.

 She was very sleepy when her siblings thrust their gifts upon her.
 But she got into the spirit of it all pretty quickly.
 She suddenly had a bad case of stage fright.
 Silly. :)
 Every kid should be able to lick the beaters when their mama makes their cake...
                       Helping mama make her specially requested "Bugs Bunny" cake.

                                                       Blow those candles, baby!!
                                                           She wanted the carrot. :)
My mom had a tradition of using these antique green, square dishes for every birthday when I was a kid. Thats all we used them for. Never for guests - only birthdays. We called them the "birthday dishes".  When I got married, I used them for my bridal table, and my dear mom gave me a 2-place setting of the prized green dishes. She has found and bought another place setting for ech child that is born into my family. I am carrying on the tradition - using them for every birthday in our house.

Oh yeah, and the giant Bugs Bunny coloring pages. What a kid. And what a birthday! To top it off, we went swimming in the crick. Lucia was freaking out about floating on her back, but she loved trying to doggy-paddle.
We love this kid. She is such a ball of fun! And a blessing from God - we're so grateful for her in our family.

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  1. You are such a loving~thoughtful~caring Mama! What a fun cake!!!


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