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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wherein I Cook Too Much Food.

All I wanted to do was toast some coconut to a golden brown for the coconut cream pie. Is that so hard? Apparently it is, because I was working in the kitchen, and I started to smell something burnt. I didn't think anything was on.....but then it hit me. The smoke that is - as I opened the oven. I had stuck the coconut under the broiler, and promptly forgot it.
I was so  sad.
 Because the coconut was so black.
But coconut cream pie tastes just as good without the garnish.

 All the pies waiting in the fridge. Coconut cream and peanut butter cream.
 The table is purposely empty - to make room for the food. I love having a table this big. This was just for the guys. The kids and I sat at another table in the adjoining family room.
 Like my napkins? Albany County Cowbelles.  :)
 Here they come! (actually, they were leaving. I was too busy  too take pics when they came in)
 I did have a bit too much food. Too many meatballs.
 Too much gourmet potatoes.

 Too much beans. But hey folks! I finally found a recipe that the Pioneer Woman makes that is absolutely the best ever!  These are so good. I could have skipped the rest of the meal and just ate these. Please try them.
 I thought purple cabbage in the slaw would be just made it all a weird lavendar color.

 And leftover rolls.

And we had pickles, of course! :)
The last lonely piece of peanut butter pie in the pan. I had another whole pie in the fridge, though.

 And the coconut cream pie - sans the ill-fated garnish. By the way - leftover pie? Not a problem. Totally not a problem.
 I found some mums on sale for .70 each, so I had to get some to brighten my doorstep. Normally I don't like mums. But when the air is this nippy and Old Man Winter is threatening, I like any flower.
 And the inevitable aftermath. But guess what? I have a dishwasher! :) Here's to modern conveniences!

And they were gone.... all eight of them.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You throw the best parties! I wish I could taste your rolls & pies right this very moment. I think I will have to have you make both for Thanksgiving dinner...can't wait! :)


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