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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cows and Cowboys.

I was all excited when My Cowboy told me that they would be pre-conditioning. I had been wanting to get some photos at our new place, and pictures of cows and cowboys are so much more interesting than grass, trees, and the odd bird.

But I didn't realize how sadly lacking I am in the fine arts of camera focus, till I came home and looked at my pictures. I must say, there is zero pictures from this day I am happy with. I couldn't seem to focus properly, and the lighting and composition was pretty bad. But I promise you - one day I will have my camera figured out, and then you will be able to see the true beauty of this wide-open land of cows and cowboys.

                                          Here comes the cows from the south.
                                          Down the lane to the corrals.

 Look at all that gleaming new corral fence! My Cowboy had been working on it quite a few days...along with some other guys.(OK, it doesn't really gleam - but it almost does, its so new and straight!)

                                   ...And here come the cows from the north!

 See how innocent and cute he is? Baby, you better get yourself back in the corral before some handsome cowboy spots you!
 Too late. Here comes My Cowboy - acting all uninterested. Looking away from the erring youngster... But he's not uninterested. Oh no, he's not. Its all part of an act. He wants the calf to think he's not paying attention, so he can slip in front of him, and catch him off guard.
                                             And that's how you do it, folks. 

Now its time for this ranch mom to get back to mom things. Like laundry. Like teaching school. Like dishes. Like going to town and getting supplies for the meal I am gonna make for the crew tomorrow. I am so excited. I love to cook, and hungry cowboys are my absolute favorite people to cook for! (Isn't God good?? He gave me a hungry cowboy to feed 3 times a day! :) But seriously. I do enjoy cooking for a crowd. And if I remember, I will try to get some pictures of the cowboys tomorrow.

Be blessed, and Ride The Brand!

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  1. I love your life, Kay! I am trying to talk Santosh into switching jobs :)


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