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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Angry Birds Cake

Happy Birthday to my son, Franklin!!

What a blessing God gave us with him.
He was born on a warm summer day in June...the bees were buzzing around my snowball bush, and  I lay looking out at the pretty summer flowers, and feeling the refreshing breeze blowing softly through the open window.
I remember holding him on that beautiful day in Missouri - basking in the wonderful after-glow of childbirth. You know, after the labor is done, your midwife has left, you're done with the phone calls, (before texting days!) and it's just you and your sweet, new baby!

10 years,, 6 houses, and two states we are!
Franklin Joseph was named after his paternal grandfather - who went to be with Jesus less than a year before Frankin was born. I often wish he could hang out with his grandpa Joe Schrock. What a great guy, who loved to fish, hunt, camp and was looking forward to the day he could have a grandson to do those things with!

Franklin loves Legos, dinosaurs, and anything with wheels. Engines, machines, gadgets. What a kid!
He is getting handy on  a horse, and helps his dad out with riding and chores. But his first love is engines.

Jenni and I tried making him a 3D Angry Birds Cake today...not professional by any means, but quite cute, nonetheless!

Happy Birthday, Son!

Here's some cool Angry Birds' items for your next party!

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