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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I write a lot about cowboys.

But today I want to write about the great ladies who work alongside the men - doing much of the same work, and they look better doing it! :) (you guys know this is true.) 
Some women are able to work with their men all day every day, some only part time, and some like me, are primarily stay-at-home moms, but who love to ride and work with our men when given the chance. (in other words: when we can find a babysitter!)

Here are some of the cowgirls who were at the Stevenson branding this week.
First up; Katie Rogers. Her husband used to work with Cliff at the X-Bar in the Big Laramie Valley. She was in vet school at the time, so I don't know her very well.

Next on the list is my good friend Karmen Stevenson.
She has a toddler and a baby, yet hasn't forgotten how to rope.

 When I grow up I want to be just like her. :)

Then comes... oops! I forget her name. I do know she is pretty and is getting married this month. Yeah. Sometimes I'm not that good with names.
 And lastly, Kaleah. (Forgive me if I am spelling your name wrong, Kaleah!)  I love her bright red shirt! She just happens to be Karmen's sis-in-law. And she can make a mean mocha cheesecake! She made the desserts for the branding lunch (after riding and roping all morning) and she did it all with jingling spurs, a knife strapped to her belt and a gun stuck in her waistband.
( I bet no rattler lives long around her!)
Maybe when you hear the word 'cowgirl', you think of turquoise and bling. Perhaps you think of barrel-racing and pink hats. But let me tell you - these are the true 'cowgirls'. These girls can cook a meal for several dozen people, ride, rope, brand and give shots. They can skin a deer and shoot a coyote. They can help a calving heifer and train a young horse. They can build fence and sort cattle.
And they can do it all with pink nail polish and beautiful long braids.
Because God made women tough.
Cowgirl Tough.

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  1. Great Post!!!!!!! God Bless those tough hardworking cowgirls!

    1. Amen! :) I love all my cowgirl friends, in person or online - including you, Elizabeth!

  2. Love it! Maybe one day I can live out there, and learn to do half of what they do, and do it half as well- I'd be happy! :)

    1. Oh you will - someday! :) I have so much to learn, too.


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