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Friday, June 7, 2013

First Schrock Branding

My Cowboy and I made Schrock History last month.
We had a Schrock branding - of our very own calves.
True - it was a tiny branding, as brandings go, but hey - it was ours.
Kinda fun! :)
Cliff's brother came to try his hand at roping...
Didn't do too bad, considering he is a carpenter and all.
Oh wait - My Cowboy was a carpenter too, before he learned this whole ranch thing. Who cares? Anyone with some 'try' is bound to become handy. We aren't pedigree snobs around here!

 Our brand - designed and registered by My Cowboy. It's a take on a tool he uses a lot in his leathershop; the round knife. A friend who owns a welding business made the iron for us.
My Cowboy's mother also made the trip out from MO to help, since some of the pairs are actually hers. First ever branding for her.
Josh holding a steer.

                                                       First Round-Knife brand!
My Cowboy enjoys buckaroo tradition, and head/heel brandings. Of course all our brandings will be headin' and heelin'!!! :)

                               Head/heel brandin's make for prettier photos, I think.


                                                       Fun times!



  1. Awesome photos! When we get our own spread we want to work and handle cattle in this way. Keep the tradition alive!


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