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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Country Girl

There is no way around it - I am a country girl.
I have lived my share in the city, and often in small towns, but I always feel most at home in the country.
I enjoy seeing my daughter carry her pet chicken around.
I enjoy cows standing on the road in the rain.
I really find it relaxing to hang clean laundry on the line in the summer.
I enjoy taking walks with my kids in the coolness of early evening, down a dirt road.
                                                               I find cows amusing.
I like to watch my baby watch the chickens.
I am glad my kids can hang over fences and watch Dad work cattle.
My heart goes pitter-patter when this handsome Cowboy rides past me, swinging his rope.
 The road home is always pretty...
 And the flowers in my yard seem to be shouting praises to God.
The rambling old rose bush harks back to a day where life was slower.
 And the wild roses that grow along the creek are so delicate and pretty... blooming unnoticed, mostly, but still being as pretty and sweet-smelling as they can be. Just because that is what The Creator told them to do.
The sinking sun streams over the snowy white clouds, shooting streaks of brilliance into the wild blue yonder. It makes one look up. Sometimes I just need to stop and look UP.
Note: All the photos in this post were taken with my phone. Minimal editing done.

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  1. You live in an absolutely splendiferous landscape! Your post inspires me to lift up my voice in thanks to God for His amazing gifts!


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