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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Easy Maxi Dress Tutorial

Do you like to sew?
It is really easy to make a maxi dress, and so comfy too!
I make a lot of skirts, but I had this idea for a maxi dress that would be easy, comfy, and most of all, it eliminates the problem of skin showing around the midriff when bending or reaching. (does that bug anyone else? )
I had this tank top laying around that I never wore, because it didn't match anything. So I just cut it off where I thought my waist would be. (Turned out later that I had to cut more off, because the weight of the skirt pulled it down a bit and I wanted a higher, more empire-style waist.)
You don't have to be perfect when cutting it of. Just eyeball it and cut! It is very forgiving.
Then you will need to figure your skirt requirements. I did not use a pattern. All I did was measure the length from the bottom of the tank top to my ankle (or wherever you want the skirt to end) and divide that number by 3.
For example: It was 39 inches from the bottom of the tank top to my ankle, which (divided by 3) gave me 13 inch strips. Now you can make the strips as long or skinny as you like. I wanted a pretty flow-ey, wide skirt so that it would be super comfy. But make yours how you like!
(my measurements are:
top tier:50 inches
2nd tier: 66 inches
3rd tier: 84 inches)
(Note: I am a tall woman, you need to measure yourself to get a correct fit.)
To recap: I used 3 panels that were 13" wide by 50, 66, and 84 inches long. As you can see, I had to piece some of them. Its OK. I used a funky, pleated fabric, so you really don't notice.
First, I serged all the edges of the skirt pieces. If you don't have a serger, just zig-zag or turn a narrow seam and straight-stitch.
Next, you sew each of  the strips into a circle. (right sides together)
 Then you sew a loose stitch all along the top of each strip of fabric. This is to gather it with.
Gather the top strip till it fits the bottom of the tank top. Sew it on. Don't worry about finishing the edge of the tank - knit tops don't fray out.

Now you gather the next strip, and sew it on the bottom of strip #1. I just laid it on top and sewed it on - allowing the seams to show. It isn't perfect, but I like the look of the serged seam on the outside.
If you don't have a serger - just sew right sides together like you normally would.

                                                            Front side of the seam.
                                                 Back side of the seam.
 Once you have all the strips sewed together, you're done!
I wear a shirt over mine and it looks like a skirt. But you could use a pretty tank or tee-shirt for the top and it would be great alone.

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