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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

18th Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show

On Thursday afternoon, I drove down to CO to drop off our kiddos with a babysitter. Then came home and threw some  things together, and My Cowboy and I left for  our annual trip to the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show in Sheridan, WY. 
We started up a small road through the canyon, and over the mountain. It was getting dark, and then we hit fog. Thick fog. Then the normally-decent road turned to dirt. I didn't realize they were doing road construction on it... so we poked along through the potholes and darkness and fog.
I was on a high from the excitement of finally being on our long-awaited trip. But My Cowboy was tired. He had just worked a long, tiring day, and he was just trying to keep his eyes open.
We were only about 2 hours from home when we finally gave up and stopped for the night. I told My Cowboy that we may as well enjoy our trip, instead of fighting sleep!
The next morning we left by 6 am, like the true early-birds that we are. I love driving early in the morning. Nothing quite like it.
It was cloudy.
Dark and mysterious.
Gloomy and foreboding. 
Well, cloudy, anyways.
It was pretty, tho. I love driving through Wyoming. See how empty the FREEWAY is??? This is how driving should be.
 Pretty little lakes...
 And tired old cowboys.
 ...and gigantic Wyoming jackalopes.  (That's a cross between a jack rabbit and an antelope, in case you aren't from WY.)
 Here is another example of my obscure, slightly twisted sense of humor...
In case you don't get it - I get a kick out of the 'green' wind farm directly behind a power plant that is belching smoke!! Ha ha! I love it!!
And here we are at the leather show itself.
 My Cowboy checking out the knives...
 Somehow I managed to snap photos of leather piles, and not many tools. But I do love the leather. It smells so good. The whole place smells like leather.
There is leather-suppliers, tool suppliers, hardware suppliers, saddle-tree suppliers, leather soap/cream suppliers, leather-dye suppliers, etc. It is fun of you build saddles. Or are married to someone who builds saddles.
Then there is a room christened the 'World Leather Debut'.  In it are the best of the best, in leather making. Craftsmen and women enter their best items for judging. It is always a popular room. I love the gorgeous items they make. I can't wait to see a saddle sitting there some year with a little sign that says:
"Cliff Schrock - Maker".
Meanwhile, check out this stuff...
Beautiful woolly chaps. Not that the white wool would be practical, or anything! :)
 Amazing guitar.
 I love the detail on the back of this saddle.
 This gave me a good idea for the fox that is living under my barn, and desiring my chickens. The mannequin that was holding this handbag had the rest of the fox fur draped around her neck! lol!

 Awesome boots!

Check out the tiny miniature saddle! I love mini's. They had several there, but this one was the fanciest.
 And here is a briefcase for all you businessmen who don't need chaps or a saddle! It was amazing. Simply amazing. It won first place in its category. No wonder. It was THE best piece of workmanship in the whole room, I thought. Nice, clean lines, and straight, neat stitches. Plus all that carving.

 This won first place in several categories, I think. Anyways, for floral carving, that's for sure. It was superb.

And that's it, folks!
Sadly, it poured rain the entire time we were there, so I didn't get to go yard-saling...but I am sure you aren't interested in small details like that. We did enjoy ourselves. Here's to saddle makers everywhere!! ...and the cowboys that need em.

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  1. Looks interesting, altho a foxhead purse somehow doesn't thrill me :)


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