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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day after May Day.

May 2, 2011. I love snow in November, when the grass is brown and the summer is over. I love thinking of Christmas, Jingle Bells, and hot chocolate. I love the long evenings, and the board games.
Along about April or May, I am tired of  "Christmas Postcard Scenes". I kinda really want green grass and sunburns. Not that I ever sunburn, but you get the idea. I want daffodils, lilacs, and robins. Gardens and tillers and mowers and baby puppies.
But during May in the Big Laramie Valley, this is what you get:
                                            And this:
              And this:   (My Cowboy is digging holes for a new fence section. )
 But then you get this when the sun comes up:
 And it is beautiful. In fact, I think the mountain is most beautiful with a bit of snow on it. Just like our lives. We are drab and cold and dark. But when the Son shines on us - the very cold, hard things that were a curse - become a beautiful blessing. And Jesus shines in the dark. He lays a pretty blanket of warmth and color over our lives. He makes us shine and glow and reflect His Glory.

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for helping me to see the blessing of the snow in May and for reminding me just how cold and dark life is without the Son in it!


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