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Monday, May 16, 2011

Friends~The Spice of Life.

Last Saturday was alot of fun. ALOT of fun! Mainly because these two crazy friends came and spent the day. I love having my friends come...who doesn't? But I think I value it more because I don't often have the pleasure of entertaining my friends. We live 2 hours from most of my friends. I have had a few more guests than usual the last couple months, and I have loved every minute! I always get that nervous/panicky/I-think-I'm-gonna-hyperventilate feeling in the pit of my stomach about 15 minutes before guests arrive. That never happened to me before we lived here. I just love having people up - its just too exciting, I guess. It does get just the teeniest bit lonely out here...
Anyways - back to the branding. I took 350+ photos, so you will have to indulge me while I share the best ones... Like my friends, here...
I finally have a woman friend who knows what MUCK boots are! :) ...and she isn't afraid to wear them. Go Cowgirls! :)
My Cowboy and his other friend who was helping at the branding. This guy has helped brand before.
And my sweet little 'fat boy'. This kid is delightfully chubby and tubby and all kinds of sweet. I would kidnap him, but his mom knows where I live! :)
Our kids had a blast...well, 'cept Frank seemed a bit bored.
Cutest little cowgirl. What a heart breaker!
Lots of funny stuff goin' on here...

Maybe the loop could be just a 'tiny' bit bigger, sweetie. You know this kid is gonna be a good hand, one day! :)
More calf-wrestling...
Aahhh...the aroma of burning hair!

Uh-oh... someone is upset about something...
No worries. Her pal will figure it out! :) These girls are too cute and funny together!

Grab that baby!! This picture is deceptively calm. I had to laugh as they wrestled this one down. It was kicking like crazy.
But of course they got it!
Kneeling on the neck is a wonderful way to control calves. And it doesn't hurt them as much as it might seem. These babies are tough.

All in all, it was a wonderful day of fun, food, and belly-laughs! I can't remember a branding that was ever quite as fun as this one, when our friends came.
When you have good friends, its a blessing.
when you have friends that are also brothers and sisters in Christ, it is a double blessing!

I still have some photos of My Cowboy I wanna post... stay tuned!


  1. Amen to that!! Great pics Kay!

  2. The way you wrote about burnt hair makes it sound as if it actually would smell good :)

  3. Haha! I should have said: 'stench'! :)


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