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Saturday, May 28, 2011


I can't figure out what is wrong. I have not been able to upload pics from my PC to my blog for 3-4 days, now! So sad. I had some funny kid photos that I wanted to post, but nope. Nada. So until I figure it out, you will have to suffer through a pictureless phase.
Meanwhile, its finally warming up around here. Its been in the 50's and 60's for the last couple weeks. So nice to lay aside the heavy winter coats in exchange for lighter jackets! :) I have my chickies in their new house, which they love...My Cowboy has been struggling with the pivots, and the kids are just finishing up their school. They were gonna be done early - but after the 3-week sickness back in April, we sorta fell behind.
Blessings to all you friends of mine, and keep your eyes on Jesus.

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