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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Branding, 2011

First, our good friends that have lived and worked on the X-Bar for the last 2 winters. I wish they could stay here always. They are good hands, and I like having a woman around. But they have been working on another ranch during the summer. So i don't see them as often as I would like.
 Lane and Karmen.
 And my favorite photo of the day! Buck-off! No, I don't want them to get bucked off, but it makes good pictures. Plus, what else do they expect when they bring green colts to a branding? I guess he wasn't hurt too blood, and he was pretty active the rest of the day.
 ...right onto the ground.
Cliff's boss (Miller) on the left,  and Miller's partner.

 ...And their wives.
 The guy on the right is Cliff's current co-worker.

 And My Cowboy, of course. He wrestled calves the first part of the day.
Then he took a turn ropin.


 Everyone was having some trouble  catching that day. The ground was sticky, and it seemed to bugger things up a bit. But still, they got the job done.

 Check out the handful of ropes he holds in one hand.

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