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Friday, March 11, 2011

Country Breakfast Casserole

...Otherwise known as; ..."that good casserole Aunt Lavina made". Once upon a summer I had a family reunion in my backyard. 50+ people. It was crazy. And fun. But mostly crazy. Anyways, one of the good things that came out of that time, was this casserole recipe. My dear aunt made it in a huge roasting pan, and it was delicious. I have scaled it down to a size a bit easier to deal with. This recipe make enough for 2 cowboys or 4 ladies. Or 1 cowboy, 1 lady, and 3 kids.
First, butter a baking dish. I used a 2-qt here, which was 'way too big, but I have also used a bread pan, or any small casserole dish. Then spread your taters on the bottom of the pan. You can use any kind of cooked potatoes...I used 1 and 1/2 baked potatoes this morning, left overs, if you must know. But you can use frozen hash browns, frozen tater tots, or whatever. Just put 'em in frozen.

Then fry 4 eggs. If you use a cast iron pan, you get some extra iron in your food. Its good for you.
Spread the eggs over the potatoes.

Then plop some sausage gravy over top of the eggs. This is the main reason I make this casserole the morning after I make biscuits and gravy. I make sure to make extra gravy, then I have leftovers for this scrumptious casserole. You can even use canned sausage gravy. But I just use leftovers.
Spread it out a bit. Its ok if its stiff, it will warm and soak together.

Slice or shred some cheddar cheese, and lay it on top of the gravy. I like cheddar, but I have used American, Velveeta, mozzarella, whatever you have.

Cover and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and its hot clear through.
Enjoy! My Cowboy likes this casserole so much. He doesn't care much for breakfast casseroles with bread in, so this one passes his taste test. Plus, it has sausage gravy in it! How could it get any better?! :)

Country Breakfast Casserole
2 cups frozen hash browns
4 eggs, scrambled
1 cup sausage gravy
1/2 cup shredded cheese
Butter a small baking dish. Layer the potatoes, eggs, gravy, and cheese. Bake, covered at 350 for 20-30 minutes.
Remember: use leftovers if you have them, and just throw in what YOU like. Measurements are optional.


  1. Looks yummy, thanks for sharing, I am looking forward to trying it sometime soon!

  2. I think you should compile a cookbook =) we're having dutch oven bread for supper tonight, crockpot (chicken) fajitas tomorrow night, and this casserole for breakfast tomorrow. (we had biscuits & gravy yesterday morn.) I love using up leftovers like this! Been wanting to try sourdough bread for awhile but never found a recipe so easy. Thanks a lot! -anne

    1. Anne, I'd like to do just that, someday! :) Thanks, and I'm glad if you enjoy it.


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