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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Walk in The Country.

I shall try to do a quick post while my Princess is sleeping....

I have this issue with going outside in the winter time. I don't do it. Well, just to dash from the house to the car - then from the car back to the house. I try to stay inside by the fire as much as possible. I have been doing pretty good with that, too. But today it was so sunny and warm, (warm is a relative term. It was 45*) that I decided to get off my duff and take a walk. So I gathered the kids and out we went.
Note: these pics were from last summer - hence the shirtsleeves. Today we were all wearing coats.

Miss Lucia likes to ride in the stroller. I'm ok with that, cause even though I walk slow, I do like to get somewhere, eventually.

It was refreshing to get out in the sun. And the 40+ mph wind gusts helped push us home, once we rounded the turn! Anyone want a country lane to walk on? Come visit me!

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