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Friday, March 25, 2011

My First Summer on the X-Bar.

I love summer. I am really getting the fever, now that there has been few warmer days. I remember the very first summer we spent here on the X-Bar. It was lovely. I went on walks with my kids, My Cowboy took us riding in the back pasture when the wild iris' were in bloom.... I also took some time one day to follow the guys around and get some pictures. It was fun. And funny. It was the first time I watched someone 'tail down' a steer. Actually, it was a bull, only moments away from being a steer. I was fascinated with the techniques that I had never seen before.

Cliff's co-worker, Bill. He was here that first summer. My kids love him.

My Cowboy.

Bill was doctoring a steer with pink-eye. See the glue around the eye?

Putting on the eye patch. I am glad humans don't have to glue on a patch when we get pink-eye. Cause my kids have gotten it in both eyes at once. That could be unhandy. I claim that My Cowboy brings the germ back from the cattle and my kids pick it up. But we can't wait till he showers to hug him, at the end of the day, so I guess we will have to put up with the occasional case of pink-eye.

Then they pushed some yearlings from one pasture to another. I hear its because the grass gets too eaten down in one pasture, so they rotate, to be more efficient with the grass. I say its cause they like to ride. The grass looks the same to me.

Here come the cowboys! Bill is on the left, and My Cowboy is on the right.

Riding home... that IS my home, by the way. And look at the grass!!

Green is my favorite color. Just sayin. And that truck finally had to be replaced. By a Ford, which has by now also been replaced. By a Dodge. I wonder how long it will be before they accept the superiority of CHEVY, and replace the Dodge? It would be funny to go full circle! :)
Note: I know nothing about rotating cattle, or superiority of trucks. I just like to talk. Or write.
Edit: The Dodge did get replaced by a Chevy, eventually. :)
                   Drive Chevy.

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