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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ranch Rodeo.

Last summer we had the privilege of watching our hero compete in his first ranch rodeo. It was the most fun and exciting thing for us. Us being me and the kids. I think My Cowboy would rather I didn't mention it. Cause they didn't win. I could care less if they won or not. Wait, I didn't say that. I DID want them to win. But it was fun just watching him in an arena - whether he won or not. Anyways. I'll stop before i dig too deep a hole for myself. He was part of a team that included our friends, Lane and Karmen. And Karmens dad; Mr. Brickman. lane and Karmen live here on the X-Bar, too. Lane works with My Cowboy every day. Karmen helps, too. I am the only house-bound person. But that's ok. I don't know how to rope to save my life.

Here is the team from left to right: My Cowboy, Mr. Brickman, Lane, and Karmen.
My kids got bored waiting for the rodeo to start. Hence the bleachers-walking.
All the teams lined up for their instructions. I think there were 10 teams or so.

There they go! My Cowboy has the white shirt...that's the easy way to keep track of him.

Let me clarify for you...Ranch Rodeo is not much like PRCA rodeo. These events are strictly working cowboys, and they work in teams of 4. The events can vary some, but the general events are: sorting, branding, sorting/doctoring, wild-cow milking, and trailering. All of which a working cowboy does on a regular basis. Including My Cowboy. Yes, even the wild-cow milking, once in a while. It is alot slower-paced than PRCA rodeos, and usually during the day. I like em better though, because have a bit of prejudice for real, working cowboys. And I like watching cowboys compete who I know. We usually have several friends/acquaintances competing in the local ranch rodeos.

I think they were discussing strategy here. They had to sort and trailer a steer. Unfortunately it didn't go too well.

Notice the white shirt and short chinks? This is summer gear. designed to keep one cool. The sun out here is so hot, and there is no humidity, so long sleeves actually keep you cooler. Or at least keep you from burning. There is a reason for every article of clothing that cowboys wear. (Although I haven't figured out a good reason for creased Wranglers.)

Amazingly, we had half our church show up for the rodeo!! Even though it was a 1.5 hour drive for most of them. And some good friends from Montana... I still am slightly shocked that they would drive that far. But then again, so would I, to watch My Cowboy compete. Here are a few of the kids.

By the way - if you wanna see some action, check out the video on the right-hand side of this blog. It is of this same rodeo.

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