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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Spurs: Aka; Cowboy Toys.

Show me a cowboy, and I will show you a guy who likes fancy gear. They may not all like showy, 'bling' type stuff, but they all like expensive, quality stuff, whatever the style. My Cowboy doesn't normally go for the real showy, shiny stuff. He prefers a more simple style, with just a touch of silver. But when he was given a gift certificate to the local saddle shop, he splurged and got the Jeremiah Watt spurs he has been eyeing for the last several years. I was so happy that he could get them. Even happier that we didn't have to pay for them. They don't come cheap! But they are pretty.

I sweet-talked him into putting his foot in the boot, so i could get some Wranglers in the shot. :)

Here is the original photo from Jeremiah Watt's site: Cliff used JW's saddle-making videos to learn how to make saddles. And he follows JW's style closely. He also uses some of JW's silver and hardware on his saddles. When we go to the Saddlemakers show in Sheridan, WY every spring, we get to chat with his wife. She's real nice. I don't know where JW is...he's never around. Probably at home carving spurs.
ps - he has a daughter named Nevada, and a son named Pine. I wish I was brave enough to name my kids such cool names!


  1. Cowboys aren't cheap, are they? Between cowboy'n and huntin', It's amazing what he can spend money on.

  2. Oh my word, I know exactly how expensive cowboys can be! I wanted to get my husband a pair of handmade spurs last Christmas, but just couldn't afford it.
    Thankfully my dad makes boots, and his dad makes saddles, so we're covered there!


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