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Thursday, April 21, 2011

DIY - Entryway

Today I braved the scary world of home improvement, and installed some shelves in my entry. The entry has looked better in the past. But over winter, the flood of snow, mud, coats, jackets, mitts, hats, scarves, shoes, etc has made it unbearable. The past month of sickness in the family hasn't helped. It was pretty bad. 
Here is the shelves. I am quite proud of myself. I am normally rather handicapped when it comes to DIY projects. Not that I don't do them - rather, I do them and am embarrassed by the shoddy results. But today. Today I measured, marked, remeasured, read instructions till I was sure of myself. But I still had a few extra holes to patch when I was done.
Don't worry - I have patching putty from another hole in another wall. No, I am not a carpenter. Why do you ask?? Note:: you cannot install sheet-rock anchors into a stud. And if you have a way of finding studs (other than  thumping the wall like My Cowboy does,) I'd like to know. Thank you.
I am gonna swallow my pride and show before/after photos. Mainly to prove to a certain person that I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN!!! I am a very disorganized, normal person.  (I am not sure if 'normal' people keep entry-ways this messy?) Well, I don't normally, either. See excuse above.
 After!! Yay!
 Before. Scary.

 This one breaks my little heart...
 Ahhh.... much better. That box is waiting My Cowboy's touch.
 Of course, while cleaning, it gets worse for a time....
 But  ends wonderfully better.


  1. YEAH! Good for you, Kay! Proud of you for building what looks like sturdy shelves. I love before and after pictures. Thanks for putting them up. LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!

  2. Wow, looks great! You should feel very accomplished. I think all "normal" people have areas they wouldn't want to show the world. We can't do everything perfectly, now can we?!

  3. Wonderful!! I love organization! Don't feel bad about the extra holes, it happens to all of us:-) Thanks for the inspiration!


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