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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another spring day in WY.

First things first...when I crawled out of bed this morning, this sad scene is what I saw out the window. I grabbed my camera and took a few pics. Out of the window. Because I would never step out the door in the winter unless its an emergency, or necessity. It was neither. And I was already cold. So I took the pic through the window of my dining room. Because I am lazy. And cold. That is why all my gorgeous sunset-over-Sheep-mountain shots have bug spots and finger smudges in them. Because I take them through the window. Its quite sad. But at least you have and idea...

It really didn't last too long...most of it is gone by now. (it IS 8:31 pm, though. )
Then I went upstairs today and took this snapshot for the benefit of my sister. I was telling her how many airplanes there were in my son's bedroom. I think I counted 50, but its kinda hard to count them, they are so piled up. Those are just his best ones. (or the ones that managed to escape Mom's cleaning) He has used 3/4 of a pack of paper in the last 3 weeks - just making airplanes. He also watched the instructional videos on the internet so much that I got a notice that our service would be downgraded, if we didn't slow down the use a bit. Well, I ask you - what else is a kid supposed to do when his mom is sick for 10 days, and its 40-80 mph winds outside??? I know - that's what I thought. So he has been grounded. No more airplane videos. For now. I don't know how long I will last. I would so much rather him be makin airplanes than watching tv or fighting with his siblings.  
 Oh, and Lucia has been getting these weird hives every once in a while, when she wakes up from a nap, or sometimes in the morning. I couldn't figure it out for awhile. My neighbor thought maybe it was bedbugs. That lit a fire under me! I searched and searched for bedbugs. None to be found. Then I remembered a time in my childhood when we had fleas in the house. I searched for those awhile. None. Then one day I was looking at them, and suddenly it hit me... it looked alot like Jenni's 'cold hives'. She reacts to very cold temps, by getting hives. And these looked almost identical. But Lucia is reacting when she is sleeping?? she's certainly not cold then, so it must be heat! The Dr agreed, and said that strange as it seems, I have one daughter whose immune system goes into overload when it gets too cold, and the other daughter does the same thing with heat. So weird. So now I am torn between dressing Lucia warmly at night like I was taught to do, and dressing her a bit cooler, so she doesn't wake up itchy.
 My sweet oldest girl. She came down with pink-eye today. You can see the beginning of it here. Poor thing. To the Dr again tomorrow for some drops.
*Update* Dr. said she has a specific kind of ear infection that infects the ear and the eye. So she is on an antibiotic, too.

 And last but not least... On Tuesday I was in the house, and thought I smelled smoke. Grass smoke. As I was walking over to the window, I was thinking: "Surely not! You have got to be kidding me!! Not again!" But yes. I look out my window, and sure enough - smoke. Rising quite high and mighty behind our neighbors place. And these particular neighbors live on a piece of land smack dab in the middle of the X-Bar ranch land. I paced and worried and wondered awhile. But when My Cowboy came home later, he very calmly said; "what? that smoke? oh, its just the neighbors burning ditches." I felt a bit foolish then. So when my other neighbor came home from work, and stopped in to ask what was going on, I said very unconcernedly: "what? oh the smoke? oh, its nothing. They always burn ditches."  But when My Cowboy came home that evening, he smelled strongly of smoke, so I asked what was up with that, and I guess he had to help put it out, cause the wind changed, and the fire went alot further than the ditches. In fact, it went towards the pasture with our pairs in, and they got it stopped just in time. Thanks to the cowboys. The Fire Dept, as usual, was of little help. I have no pictures of the burnt land. Yet. I am too lazy. I could take the picture of the smoke guessed it; my window. :)

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