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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Workin' heifers.

My Cowboy told me yesterday that he would be riding. Said he was gonna gather the heifers, take them to the corrals to do a 'procedure' on them, and then take them back out. I said: "Cool! Then I can take some pictures again!"
For some reason, he just laughed and said: "Yeah, right. We'll be gone before you get over there!"
 I assumed an injured air as I assured him that I would, indeed, be there before he left.
I was, too.
Well, sort of.

I drove up just as he was riding out...I wished mightily that I had a good zoom lens. It was just out of range to make a good photo with what I had.
So, then I took a picture of the ranch sign. Haven't really taken a good one in the 4+ years here.
 And one of Slim. The ropin' dummy.  And the other ropin' dummy. This is where the cowboys kill time when there's time to kill. I like how the dummies are facing off at each other... I think the big guy would win, don't you?
 I stopped on the way back to the house to snap a photo of some geese on the pond.

 I never did get pictures of the heifers being moved. And when I heard a description of the procedure they did on the heifers, I didn't even wanna be there, let alone take pictures. I don't know what they call it, but they were basically forcing them into heat, so they can all be A.I.'d at the same time. (artificial insemination) It sounded strange. And verging on mean. But then, what do I know? I am a softhearted woman.
So I stayed home in my warm house, and made bread. And meat pies. And took pictures of my kids.
Later in the day, the dog started barking, so I looked out to see what was causing it. I seen the cowboys pushing some heifers across the near pasture. So I told the kids I would be back soon, grabbed my camera, and jerked on a jacket as I ran out the door.
I ran beside the canal till I was parallel to the cowboys. I was still too far away, and the canal was in between us. I could not get closer. Oh, how I need a zoom lens!! But I still took some photos.

 So I thought this particular cowboy was my husband. I focused on him. After about 10 pictures or so, I realize that it wasn't my husband. It was, in fact, the new guy on the ranch. I have seen him around before, but never actually met him. I felt a bit foolish then, and started taking photos of Lane.

Still not My Cowboy, but at least I know him!
 Besides, he was acting weird! Why is he bowing to his horse?? It wasn't till I looked at the picture cropped and zoomed up on my PC that I realized that  he was fixing a waterer.

 As I walked back to my house, I snapped a photo of my backyard. Its prettier when its green. But I see green grass peeking through!! I am so excited! Soon we will be grilling and mowing and fishing and camping and all things warm and wonderful!

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