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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A slow week...

I haven't dealt with a flu/virus with as much tenacity as this one. It came in quietly enough...frank was only mildly sick on Tuesday, but by Wednesday noon, I knew we would have to cancel Jenni's violin lesson. There is no babysitter who wants to babysit a sick kid, and I wasn't gonna make him suffer all the way to town and back. So we stayed home. Then on Thursday I wasn't feeling well, and Lucia was fighting the gunky-eye issue... Friday I managed to go to town and get a few supplies, after eating cold cereal for 3 days, we needed some food. Frank was finally on the mend by Saturday, but still fighting a bad cough. Then Lucia started coughing. And so we stayed home Sunday. I even managed to write a blog post in the morning. But by evening, I was on the couch again. Then yesterday I initially thought I was over it. But by early afternoon, I was curled up in a sunny spot on the couch - wrapped in a quilt. Shaking with feverish chills. It was miserable. Achy. Cold. 
I am happy to say that my fever broke last night, and today I am feeling weak and shaky, but definitely on the mend. Unfortunately, now Jenni has it. She has been laying around all day in a blanket, dozing off and on, feverish and miserable. 
Meanwhile, My Cowboy has been dealing with his own troubles. He hasn't been feeling tops either, and the wind has been fierce. It blows dirt into his eyes all day long, irritating them. Makin it hard to rope. Today it blew the cover, or lid, off the top of the cake truck's feed bin. It was 40mph, with 80 mph gusts. 

 I made this dress the other day. Here is the tutorial I used: It took me approx. 15 min. I made it into a dress, instead of a shirt,  just by adjusting the length of the ruffle part. You know. :)
 Then I spent an hour or two researching if/what/why/when/pics of Cold Hives. I was so confuddled about why Lucia would get up from her naps some times, with these awful, itchy hives. I think its from getting too hot. I have a very warm blanket on the girls bed, and then I dress them very warmly too. I probably overdo it, because I get so cold, I assume they do, too! Anyways. Now I have a daughter that gets hives when she gets too cold, and one who gets hives when she gets too hot. How crazy is that?!?!
Yesterday, before the fever hit, I managed to put this one the floor for the kids. They played with it all afternoon and evening! (not sure why all my pics flipped when I put them up,sorry) Here's where I got the idea. It turned out to be a wonderful thing, cause once I collapsed on the couch with a fever, the kids played so nice out here, quiet and happy while i was sick in peace!

This is LIFE. This is REAL. This is where God tests us. Does a whole week (or more) off schedule throw my mood off? Does a week of just washing dishes and making mac-n-cheese and cold cereal stress me out? Does it bother me that I can't even go to church? Do I let a tiny bit of bitterness creep in my heart, because perhaps my husband is so busy himself, that he doesn't notice things that need done at home? Do I selfishly want to be served, rather than serving? I tell you; God has used situations like this to teach me more about my selfish heart, than any sermon or devotional. If you are serious about serving God, and walking in the light, and living a Spirit-filled life, then be open to what God wants you to learn through the hard times. The painful times. The difficulties. And trust Him. He does love you. He says so.

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  1. Rrrr... I lost the comment I had written. So I have to start over and I never like doing that.

    Hopefully you all are soon feeling better. When Mom is sick the whole house falls apart.:)

    I love the masking tape idea. But I'm a thinking my boys wouldn't. They like something solid and sturdy to play on so the animals stand up. So I had gotten a huge peice of cardboard (had appliance store save it) and drew on farms and roads. They have played on it til it's so beat up... Guess I could put the tape on the kitchen floor and then I could even sweep over it. I actually like that idea.:)

    And thanks for the comments on a servant heart. God has really been working on my heart in the area lately.


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