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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunrises and Sunsets on the X-Bar.

This is not a sunrise - just a photo of This Day In History...April 16, 2009. Out my window, of course. Doesn't it look COLD? It was. And it was a sunday, if I remember right. We stayed home.
Sunset. Several years ago...I want to paint this someday. I love sky pictures.
 Sunrise. Several weeks ago.
 Sunrise. I don't remember when...
 Sunrise. In 2010 I think.
 Same sunrise. It was stunning.
 Sunrise. 2009. First snow of the season. So pretty.

 Sunset. I think.  I don't know when. Photo credit to Rose Miller. I love it.
 A storm photo. Again from Rose. I love the way you can see the whole storm system out here. Its beautiful.
 My favorite view of Sheep. When its GREEN. Love it.

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