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Monday, February 14, 2011

To Rope a Steer.

Beautiful head shot.
Look how calm the horse, Diva, is with several hundred pounds of steer flopping around on the end of that rope. She looks slightly bored.

Look at the slobbers flyin'! :) He wasn't too happy that he had a rope 'round his head!

Pull that critter, Diva!

Hate that all my photos were against the light, but the steers don't usually listen when I tell them to run a certain direction.

Got him roped and wrapped. Wrapped with the rope, that is. When you don't have a heeler,( another cowboy to rope the heels) its best to wrap the rope around all four legs, so that critter has to lay still while you work on him.

Oh, man! That bugger managed to get up again! Now he has to tail him down... always hard work. (I love the fringe.)

Got him down. Now for a shot, and then ride out to do it all over again. And again. Sometimes as many as 10-12 times or more in one afternoon. No wonder My Cowboy has no energy by evening.

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