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Monday, February 28, 2011

Life with a Cowboy Husband.

When you are married to a working cowboy, you often look out the window to see this sight...

Usually with My Cowboy, he has stopped in to use the phone, since the cell phone doesn't always have service out here. He likes to grab a piece of pie or a cookie when he goes out the door. If he's in the tractor, he'll take a cup of coffee, too, but that doesn't work so well a'horseback. He doesn't sit and shoot the breeze with me, though...he's very conscious of the fact that he is being paid for his time, and so he makes his calls and then leaves.

(By the way, how do you unhook a horse-trailer from a Suburban? I took it to town the other day, and after I nicely backed it into place, I could not get it unhooked. Yes, I jumped on the bumper, etc, but to no avail. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that a few years ago I started driving without taking up the jack, and now the hitch is somewhat bent...the Suburban has a small dent in the bumper now, but I am sure its not from my backing skills. ahem. really, cowboy's wives should not have to pull trailers. Or at least not this cowboy's wife. Its not her thing.)

His poor, cracked fingers. His pinky finger on his right hand has deep cracks in the side of it that never heal. Its his roping hand, and when he dallies the rope around the horn, that finger gets alot of friction from the rope. It keeps it cracked and painful. He has it super-glued and taped at all times. I cannot tell you how much I would like to find a cure for dry skin.

Riding out to doctor yearlings. He will be riding all afternoon, but that's ok. Roping is his favorite part of ranch work.

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  1. Haha I agree with the trailer driving thing! I hate it and my backing skills leave a lot to be desired! I even drove farm trucks and backed up to the bins for several years and I am still horrible at backing!


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