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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yearlings and Photography.

All I wanted to do was walk over to where My Cowboy was doctoring a steer, and get some good close-ups. Is that too much to ask? But yes. These critters followed me like a pack of puppies. They can be so annoying.
My Cowboy's horse ~Diva, didn't like a herd of adolescent bovines running at her full tilt, so she swung around and started to act up. Whereupon I immediately stopped and walked back to my car. I didn't want to make My Cowboy have to rope that steer all over again, just cause some dumb yearlings insisted on following me, en masse.

Awww! What a shy sweetie. not.

What're YOU lookin at? Your hair is funky.

Lazy bum.


  1. Sonja Long HeadingsSaturday, February 05, 2011

    LOVE THIS and all your blogs .. Glad to see Cliff living his dream..I will always remember when on a trip west he or was that his bro piped up and said this is how the cowboy n indians were in the Old Testament!! or something like that

  2. Sonja - thats too funny! I can just imagine...


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