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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Wedding

I love weddings. They hold so much promise. So much joy. Happiness. Oh yeah, and LOVE.
I especially liked this wedding. It was simple, lovely, and wonderful. Two people who love the Lord and are committed to basing their love and marriage on Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone. So many want the glitz, the emotions, and the experience. Trust me - one good storm in life can shake even the most 'in love' couple you have ever seen. You need a sure Foundation. You need commitment. You need, more than anything -- Selflessness. A laying down of yourself and giving your best to your spouse.
 Over and over.
And over.
....but wait! I was gonna show you pictures. Starting with a funny one. The crazy couple, themselves.
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Williams 

I tried a new hairstyle on Jenni for the wedding. It was a success. I inside-out-french-braided around the whole head, then wove the ends in and out along the braid.I know, sorta complicated-sounding. But it worked.

 I had the privilege of making most of the dessert for the reception. The BBQ they had was great, and the roasted potatoes were wonderful!
 It was a bit hard to get a good pic of the bridal table, since it was a small room, and I hate being too obvious with my huge camera. But you get the idea. It was pretty.

The solemn groom and his equally solemn brother. Ha ha! So not solemn! These guys are hilarious.

 ...and the bride again.  White wedding dresses and green grass are made for each other.
 I love these people.
 .....see what I mean?? :) 

Love these people, too. Friends who have always been there for us. I will never forget when I found out that they cut their vacation short, and flew home early, just to be with us after our son died. That's the kind of friends they are.
 Not sure what i think of these people.
I think if people knew the craziness that hides behind those glasses, they would be shocked.
I love My Cowboy.
I am so glad he asked me to marry him, that day so long ago.

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