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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're moving!

Yep. We are leaving the X-Bar.
Well, alot of 'little' reasons, which add up to one big reason. OK, I'll be more specific.
1. Cliff will have half-days off on Saturday! WooHoo!!! That is the main reason.
2. He will also have shorter workdays, whenever possible.  (cows can be unpredictable, and some seasons are unavoidably busy...haying, calving)
3. He will have time off to go hunting.
4. We will be 1/2 hour closer to church - which knocks off an hour round-trip.
5. The boss seems to have the same kind of view of family life that we have. i.e: work your tail off during the week, then take off weekends as much as possible to spend time with the family.
6. A new house, without a mouse infestation.
OK, #6 was totally not taken into consideration. But it will be a very wonderful experience! :) I seriously HATE mice. I generally have some pity/feelings/mercy with even the most reprobate of critters. But not mice. I can't muster even one tiny bit of feeling for them.
Anyways. Moving.
There is very few things that I will miss about here.

1. Sheep Mountain, and the beautiful sunsets over it.
 2. The beautiful walking trails I have come to love. Of course, there will be miles of trails/roads there, too. But I don't know them, yet.
 3. The pair of hawks that have nested close to our house the last 4 years. I love birds. I guess they will have birds there, too.
 I won't miss this house. Its too big, (not good when you have hoarding tendencies.) and it has a mouse infestation that has resisted my best attempts. Including, but not limited to: conventional traps, glue traps, one-touch traps, electronic buzzers, poison, homemade traps, more poison, more traps, and bb guns. Seriously.
 The kids are excited, too!
 We talk nearly every day about the fun we are gonna have on the new place. The main attraction being the promise of family picnics and fishing trips on Saturday afternoons. Of course, there will be days that My Cowboy has to work, and days that he will need to work in the leather shop. But least once in a while, we can do something as a family - other than sit in the car for four hours every Sunday. :) Not that we mind the drive - but, you know....
My Cowboy is hoping to have more time to work on his saddles. He is also glad to get some more experience with a cow/calf operation. We do have some pairs here, but only about 150 or so.

Where:  North of Cheyenne, WY.
When: July 1, 2011

So there you have it. We have spent 4 years here on the X-Bar, and other than the first 3 months, it has been a good experience. Mostly. But its time to move on. So if I write sporadic, off the wall posts in the next two weeks, or don't write at all, well, it will be cause I am packing.


  1. I like the pictures, especially the last one.
    One other thing you didn't mention was that you will be an hour's drive closer to us :)
    Not that it will make a difference in how soon we come to see you, but it sounds good anyway.

  2. I could not agree with you more about the mice...I have just come to expect as a ranch wife. But, they sure can cause some anxiety in this home. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see pictures of your new adventures.

  3. We'll be back in town tomorrow -- so we'll be glad to help you move!


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